Last week, Hillary ‘Couldn’t Win An Election Against The Least Popular Republican Candidate Ever’ Clinton took it upon herself to attack Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard, calling them both Russian assets.

She’s starting to remind this editor of the crazy old lady down the street who has a dozen cats and yells at kids to get off her lawn.

Tulsi Gabbard not only fired back on Twitter, but she went on with Tucker Carlson … this is pretty damn good:

‘She can’t control me.’

‘I stand against everything she represents.’

Thinking Hillary really made YUGE mistake here, sort of like when she called half of all Americans deplorables.

True, but if you read the comments under the video you see a bunch of people fixated on the fact that it was Tucker who had her on; they totally miss that the Leftist media is all but boycotting Tulsi.

True story.

Which makes you think …


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