You can tell AG Barr is really starting to dig into the origin of the Russia investigation because the media is front and center writing about it and trying not only to discredit the investigation, but Barr himself.

Like this garbage from NBC:

From NBC News:

If Durham is conducting a criminal investigation, it’s not clear what allegations of wrongdoing are being examined. The Justice Department has not detailed any, and a spokeswoman declined to comment for this story.

“I don’t know what the legal basis for this is,” Brennan said, calling the probe “bizarre.”

Duh, Brennan will call the probe bizarre. LOL

Greg Brower, former assistant FBI director for congressional affairs and a former U.S. Attorney, said it’s not normal for a U.S. Attorney to conduct an investigation without an FBI referral of criminal allegations. That’s the role of inspector generals, he said.

None of this has been normal since 2016.

“It’s unusual to the point that it looks to be political and it’s a bad thing for DOJ to appear to be doing something for political reasons,” Brower said, adding that it appears that “for political purposes, the White House wants to be able to say through the election cycle that all of this is being investigated.”

So it’s political for Barr to investigate what looks like a political decision to investigate Trump.

Alrighty then.

Joe Scarborough seems to think Barr doing his job is somehow a bad thing though:

Is this a threat? Because it sounds like a threat.

And why would he lawyer up for doing his job?


The nerve!

Maybe both.


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