Ok, so we’re not 100% sure this is actually real but wow … it certainly looks like the same footage. But as with all things Twitter, we are sharing with a grain of salt.

Maybe two grains of salt.


It certainly looks like the same footage … and then there’s the alleged source of the alleged video.

See what we mean?

AGAIN, this could be just another meme where this footage was super-imposed onto the screen to make it appear ABC News was doing something underhanded but if not … yikes.

The fact we immediately question whether or not ABC News would actually do this says so much about the media in 2019 and ain’t none of it good.

If this was a mistake by ABC, wow.

If deliberate, double wow.

Keep in mind folks, it’s Twitter and anything is possible.

Nothing appears to be clear here (yay!), but we’ll keep an eye on this story, look for any corrections from ABC, and/or verification that it’s real or not.

Until then, don’t pull the tinfoil too tight. 😉


So it was an ‘error.’ Sure it was.


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