Another Trump ‘meme,’ another media meltdown.

As RedSteeze put it, the selective outrage is tedious, obvious, and boring.

Maybe the media missed it but they made an entire MOVIE about hunting Trump supporters, not to mention the actual violence from the Left toward the Right. Hats taken off heads, Antifa altercations … some Bernie Sanders nutjob almost killing Steve Scalise.

But you know, that meme is MEAN!

Steeze took on quite a few angry, frothy-mouthed hypocrites who couldn’t stand the idea that he wasn’t as outraged and angry as they were.

Remember when CNN threatened to doxx that guy over the one Trump meme?

Good times.

It already has.


So good.


And now they’re sad because someone made a meme … alrighty.




Of course it’s not hard, but that won’t stop the Left from running with the outrage.

Winner winner chicken dinner.


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