You know how we’ve said snarky Brit Hume is our favorite Brit Hume?

Thinking it’s safe to say snarky Kimberley Strassel is our favorite Kimberley Strassel.

We so adore these two tweets on the media’s meltdown over being mocked for falling for and pushing another likely hoax, like the Russian collusion story.

Wee bit triggered indeed.

Psh, the media just wants the little people to know how much smarter and superior they are to them.

Is that such a bad thing?

This is absolutely a fair point, but honestly, it seems the media is far too gone to turn back now.

Rinse, repeat.

They’d find a way to have an opinion on whether or not 2+2=4.

Well, in the white man’s privileged world 2+2 truly DOES equal 4, but that’s not the case for other less fortunate, oppressed demographics … 

We probably shouldn’t give them any ideas.

Their lack of self-awareness truly is impressive, and that’s not a good thing.


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