Elizabeth Warren claiming Facebook ‘HELPED TRUMP’ win in 2016 is one of the funniest damn things we’ve seen from her yet. Maybe she missed it (or totally ignored it), but like other huge social media platforms, Facebook has a tendency not to be all that supportive of conservatives.

And pretending they helped Trump?

Girl, please.

They helped him through negligence.

What in the Hell does that even mean?

And really, Liz, a petition? What do you guys wanna bet this is just a way for them to get email addresses to they can beg people for donations?


Facebook actually responded:

Even Facebook is sick of Elizabeth Warren’s lies.

And look at that, from that graph it would appear the pro and anti-impeachment messaging pretty well balanced in those states.

Here’s the actual tweet if you’re interested in learning more.

And then Liz came back with this:

They actually proved she was full of crap (and brought receipts) but we understand she’s already laying the groundwork for when she loses in either the primary or the general.

She wants to use the ‘Hillary excuse’ and pretend something other than millions of Americans voting against her is why she lost.



Something like that.


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