Ana Navarro completely lost her shiznit interviewing Rand Paul about Syria and socialism on ‘The View’.

TDS is very real, folks.





This interview with Rand Paul was just … so bad.

So very, very bad.

Although we will give it to Mediaite on one thing, what the heck is Rand wearing?! He looks like he could be on an old episode of ‘The Love Boat’ or maybe ‘Matlock.’

She fits right in over there, true story.


Yeah, this editor is going for the record including that phrase in pieces.

He did indeed hold his own.

Now now, there will be no mansplaining about the term mansplain.


PS: We had to include the tweet on this interview from ‘The Daily Beast’ because their take is quite frankly hilarious. Tell us again how Ana is a Republican strategist when a rag like this is smooching her ample backside.

Goes down in flames? HA HA HA HA HA HA.



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