Sara Carter shared the speech Nancy Pelosi gave about the Republicans impeaching President Clinton and it’s very, very telling.

And as Carter says, it’s likely Nancy wishes she never gave this speech.


Life comes at ya’ fast, eh Nancy?

From Nancy Pelosi via Sara Carter:

Today the republican majority is not judging the President Clinton with fairness, but impeaching him with the vengeance.

In the investigation of the President, fundamental principles which Americans hold dear, privacy, fairness, checks and balances have been seriously violated.

And why?

As we are here today, because the republicans in the House [of Representatives] are paralyzed with hatred of President Clinton. And until the republicans free themselves of this hatred our country will suffer.

Huh, this sounds sorta relevant to the impeachment of today, doncha think?

She is a Democrat after all.

Hey man, we’re trying to help get it out there.


And a whole lot less Botox.

Ouch, right?


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