Tulsi Gabbard announced today she may boycott the October 15th #DemDebate to bring to light how crooked the DNC and media both are when it comes to the primary process.

Not against Bernie this time she says but against voters in early states.


But who will make Kamala look like a fool if she’s not there?!? We suppose she does a good enough job of it all on her own but still … noooo.

Say it ain’t so, Tulsi!

You know Kamala would breathe a sigh of relief if Tulsi boycotted.

This grumpy person is right you know. Tulsi would make a far bigger ‘dent’ if she brought this up during the debate instead of boycotting.


Plus we’ll be honest, we really want to see her drag Kamala and the other Democrats at least one more time …


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