Don’t worry folks. Despite what the ICIG stated about the whistleblower having a connection to a Democratic candidate running in 2020, his or her attorney Mark Zaid wants to reassure everyone his client has been mischaracterized.

He called this a ‘news alert’ and used all caps.

That’s adorbs.

And by adorbs we mean embarrassing, desperate, and pretty damn pathetic.

Also, does this mean he’s accusing the ICIG of lying?

Pay attention to how carefully Zaid is choosing his words here. Just because the whistleblower didn’t work for or advise a candidate, campaign, or party that doesn’t mean they don’t have a connection like the ICIG claimed.

In other words, they’ve spent their lives working in government.

Civil servant is a nice touch.

Come into contact with. Sure.

Wow, they were honest … gosh, let’s get ’em a gold medal or something.


How did Zaid get from there to here?

The whistleblower is absolutely the story, which is probably why Zaid is working so hard to claim otherwise.

Right? Just a simple, civil servant who ONLY wants to do what’s best for his or her country.

Oh, ouch, our sides.

Nice try, Mark.

It stinks to high Heaven, right?


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