It is just us or does the Sleeping Giants account come across as the most ‘Karen’ account EVER? We get it, the Left nags and scolds and harasses people … it’s sort of their thing these days, but man, nobody is more annoying and shrill than this account.

Notice that even though these so-called Giants are babbling about NBC they find some way to drag up Fox News.

Ok, Karen.

RedSteeze chimed in:

Right? There is no one and nothing braver than a mega-Karen … heh.

And like any other Karen, Sleeping Giants got super emotional and made it super personal. We’re just surprised they didn’t ask to speak to Steeze’s manager.

Except anyone with half a brain in their heads knows Steeze has absolutely been critical of Fox News. The important piece here is, ‘half a brain’.

Told ya’.

And this is where they went super-duper-mega Karen.

True story.


TDS is a helluva drug.





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