You know you’re coming across as a slimy lawyer stereotype when even Michael Avenatti doesn’t seem quite as grody and annoying … seriously, that’s saying something. And hey guys, the whistleblower’s attorney, Mark Zaid, claims they have a second whistleblower and this one has first-hand knowledge.


They’ll get Trump YET!

Admit it, you rolled your eyes.


The folks at Legal Insurrection were good enough to drop him like a sack of potatoes:

So in other words, another big ol’ nothing burger that the media and the Left will run with in order to pretend Trump is so gonna get it this time.

Pathetic, ain’t it?

Cue the next one and the next one and the next one …

They’ll never stop.

But leaker doesn’t sound quite as dignified as ‘whistleblower’, you know?

They’ve told so many lies we’re not sure they can keep track at this point.

Seems we’re not the only ones who made the Avenatti connection.


It’s all so freakin’ exhausting.


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