Did you guys see the story about the woman who wanted to eat babies to protect the planet at AOC’s town hall on climate change? RIGHT?! We’re of course fairly convinced this was either a plant or some woman who has officially been driven insane by the politics of the day.

Even we know the Left hasn’t gone QUITE this far … yet.

That being said, Trump apparently saw an opportunity to troll the darling of the Democratic Socialism movement.

We especially like how he capitalized ‘Wack Job,’ like it’s her official title or something.

Now, if AOC was smart she’d have ignored Trump (he didn’t even tag her so yeah) but OH NO, she had to chime in with some clapback or whatever the heck the kids are calling it these days.

So she’s not denying that she’s a Wack Job? Really?


She sure showed him.

Really?! THAT’S the best she could do?




Yeah, this was really not a great comeback.

Maybe that’s why Bernie felt it necessary to jump in and white knight for the little-socialist-who-could:

How hard do you think Trump laughed at this?

No, seriously.


HUGE if true –> YUP, the whistleblower is a registered Democrat but it gets worse, SO much worse

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