As Twitchy told you Thursday night, a woman at a town hall with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had this to say to the New York congresswoman:

At this point we’re not sure if the woman was commenting sincerely or if it was some sort of stunt:

But in any case, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez later tweeted that she was concerned:

And after that, when the video made the rounds on Twitter and other social media, AOC blamed the right’s reaction (including a tweet from President Trump calling AOC a “wack job”) for possibly contributing to the person’s — well, let’s just say “negative” outlook and suggested course of action:

“Conservatives pounce.” We’ve heard that before. It’s probably to be expected, but still, many found it extremely self-unaware on AOC’s part that if the woman has truly been scared to the point of that particular over-reaction about climate change that AOC wouldn’t take any responsibility:

It’s certainly not the “right-wing” that’s trying to scare the pants off people about climate change.

Self-awareness is hard for some.