As Twitchy readers know, even Jake Tapper reported that the whistleblower is a registered Democrat. Yeah, we know, you were as shocked to hear this as we were. WE FELT TOTALLY SHOCKED.


But it sounds like there is so much more here than just a guy who votes for Democrats if what Paul Sperry is reporting is correct.

CIA analyst … huh.

Detailed before the 2016 election to the Obama White House where he worked on the NSC’s Ukraine desk and met with anti-Trump Ukraine officials.


That’s not fishy or anything, nope.

The whistleblower was doing what he accused Trump of doing.

Did we read that correctly


Democrats sure do love to project.

As we’re not seeing a source just yet we’re reporting this with a teensy bit of caution not because we don’t trust Sperry (who has traditionally been very reliable), but the way this whole situation continues to unravel and change and move we’re playing it on the safe side.

But wow, considering how often Sperry has been spot on? This could very well be a very big deal.

Stay tuned.


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