Former NSC official Fred Fleitz who you might recognize from another Twitchy article on Schiffty Schiff took it upon himself to write a fairly epic and brutal thread talking about the Left’s desperate spin to defend Adam Schiff. He sort of reminds us of a dog with a bone, he’s chewing Schiff up and refusing to let it go.

Check it out.

This is a much bigger scandal than some people are willing to admit …

Schiff really screwed up, folks.

But you already knew that.

Here a fraud, there a fraud, everywhere a fraud fraud.

We’re not fooled by this.

*adjusts tinfoil*

Yup, Adam sat on it.

Why oh why would he do that?


What he said.


Well if DiFi says so: Same woman who employed Chinese spy for 2 DECADES vouches for Adam Schiff and OMG she’s gotta be kidding

OOF: Even George Stephanopoulos isn’t buying what Nancy Pelosi is trying to sell defending Adam Schiff (watch)

AND we’re officially dead: Famed feminist Naomi Wolf agrees with parody Titania McGrath on the anti-trans movement

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