Gotta love it when tough guys like Jordan Uhl screenshot and subtweet conservative women on Twitter. Notice no tag in the tweet so no way for Katie Pavlich to defend herself.

Life sure comes at you fast when you’re a troll who works for Media Matters.

Some good ‘Twitter Samaritan’ must have informed Katie of Jordan’s wussy-like tweets because she was more than happy to contact him DIRECTLY. Which is what you do when you’re not a sad troll pretending that you in some way are fighting evil conservative media.

By screen-shotting and subtweeting.

Such fighters!

We’re going to guess Jordan is not interested in discussing the differences with Katie, nope. Otherwise he would have tagged her in the first place.


Orange man bad and stuff.

Media Matters … we’re pretty sure that means he’s not serious about much.

Funny how that works out, eh?


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