Imagine holding a town hall on climate change and basically doing nothing when someone attending claims we need to start eating babies to save the planet. Welp, that’s basically what AOC did … she didn’t once tell the woman the ideas were crazy or condemn them, and that’s the bigger issue here.

Not some woman who was probably a troll or at least completely out of her gourd.

Candace Owens said it best:

Just like only certain lives matter because they serve and support the Democrats’ agenda. It’s never really about making things better, or solving problems, or even helping people, it’s always about winning and or regaining power, no matter what the cost. The end justifies the means and whatnot.

We’d like to think they’re not quite this far gone but ya’ know …

She created the hysteria, no way she’s going to denounce it in a room full of lemmings.

She couldn’t because she needs people to believe it is.

And that’s the real issue here.


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