This woman.


Jennifer Rubin … conservative blogger.


Jenn often writes and tweets a good deal of ridiculous stuff that makes us wonder if she’s just trolling but this is especially awful. Traitors? Really Jenn? By definition, a traitor is a person who betrays a country (or a friend). We’re not entirely sure she thought this tweet through before she hit send, not to mention the typo.

It’s cat-lady level crazy.

What can we say?

TDS is a helluva drug.


Sounds like a really long bumper-sticker, but yup.

Told ya’.

And if you think Jenn’s tweet is bad, check out the responses:

Did we mention this thread was insane?

Because yeah, it is.

The level of projection with these people … off the charts.

Shame on Jennifer for feeding such ugly rhetoric. Ironically she’s no better than Trump with tweets like this one.


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