Kevin McCarthy did an excellent job of reminding everyone how absolutely ridiculous Adam Schiff has been during the even more ridiculous Trump/Russia collusion hoax. Remember that time he swore he had proof that Trump colluded and he never produced it?

We do.

And so does Kevin.


In other words, Democrats have not done themselves any favors playing the boy who cried wolf for YEARS NOW.

And Adam Schiff has been the worst.

That being said, guess Mr. Schitt (ahem) didn’t like Kevin making a fool of him …


Adam is pretending he didn’t tell the world he himself had proof Trump colluded.

And now he’s being all big and bad about this new whistleblower story which also looks to be another embarrassing nothing-burger for the Left.

Too funny.


Because he’s a Democrat.

Hey man, Adam has to do his part to keep the base anxious and desperate so they don’t start turning on Democrats for wasting so much of their time and money on one wild goose chase after another. That and he doesn’t want them figuring out Democrats have done NOTHING but throw one temper tantrum after another since taking a majority in the House.

Talk about embarrassing.


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