Just when you think to yourself, ‘Self, there is no way the NYT Kavanaugh hit-piece could get any worse,’ something like this article from The Federalist shows up in your timeline:

She told the source what to say.


From The Federalist:

What Yarasavage, in particular, said was quite relevant. Yarasavage noted that Pogrebin had called her up as an old Yale friend, failing to note that the culture reporter at the New York Times was actually trying to write a hit piece on Kavanaugh.

Then, she writes, Pogrebin tried to get her to say a specific quote that would suggest the fiercely independent Yarasavage was politically motivated to defend Kavanaugh.

Robin wanted me to go on record saying “she became a different person, a lot more liberal” I said no, I have no idea if that is true, truly speculation. I told her I don’t want to be included at all in any way. Mind you, this “quote” came from her asking me why we aren’t in touch. I explained my last conversation with her was political and I’m not a very political person. I don’t want to read any of the articles because everything is taken apart and put together to sensationalize and may not even read true in the end. I actually can’t believe the New Yorker story ran. It really doesn’t read well

Alrighty then.

He’s not wrong.

That would sadly be never.

Something like that.

What these women have tried to do to Kavanaugh makes dirty journalism look like child’s play.


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