We are living in some seriously scary times folks, and NOT because the planet is eventually going to implode or explode or whatever in 12 years.

Look at this tweet ironically from a site called, ‘The Conversation.’

Nothing says you want to have a conversation like telling the media to silence people you disagree with.

Gosh, this seems a lot like … well, fascism.

From The Conversation:

We believe conversations are integral to sharing knowledge, but those who are fixated on dodgy ideas in the face of decades of peer-reviewed science are nothing but dangerous.

It is counterproductive to present the evidence and then immediately undermine it by giving space to trolls. The hopeless debates between those with evidence and those who fabricate simply stalls action.

As a reader, author or commenter, we need your help. If you see something that is misinformation, please don’t engage, simply report it.

Simply report it.

Shut it down.

Silence people.

But sure, climate change isn’t a cult.

Classy, right?

Oh, and it gets better … just look at the comments on this thread:

They really think like this.

Banning ideas.

We wish we could say this is unreal but sadly it’s all too real.



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