As Twitchy reported on Thursday, Rep. Jerry Nadler was so upset with the whooping he took from Rep. Doug Collins on Tuesday during an oversight committee meeting that he took to Twitter to try a pathetic and quite honestly desperate dunk on his fellow representative.

Which did not go well for our favorite outrage gnome.

Here’s his tweet:

Sad, right?

Welp, Doug responded and as you’ve likely come to expect from the rep from Georgia, he dropped Jerry:


If only there was video of Jerry’s face when he read this tweet. We’d like to think it would look a little bit like this:


We do NOT want our elections federalized and truly, if Democrats thought they wouldn’t have some sort of advantage here they’d never push for so-called ‘election security.’ Hell, they still claim Voter ID is racist …

No doubt from what we’ve seen, Doug will.


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