As Twitchy readers know, Rep. Doug Collins really and truly made Rep. Jerry Nadler look like a big ol’ pile of stupid during Tuesday’s one-millionth oversight committee hearing. Collins spoke about the show Democrats keep putting on that’s really just an attempt to appease their liberal base so they can pretend they’re going to get Trump here soon.

Seems Nadler didn’t like being whooped up on … ha.

Poor Jerry.

We suppose if we had to wear our belt up around our necks we’d be fussy too.

Oh, and if you think Jerry’s tweet is pathetic just take a look at the replies:

Trump Nationalist Party.

That’s a new one.

Democrats accusing Republicans of not wanting election security when they fight so hard against Voter ID.


Good gravy these people are melodramatic.

It’s gotta be exhausting being this angry and outraged all of the time.

Don’t laugh, they really believe this crap.

All they had to do was not be crazy.


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