It’s not every day you see Buzzfeed of all outlets go after someone like Lauren Duca.

Lauren likes to brag about how much Fox News ‘hates her,’ but reading this article it seems to us that she has issues with plenty of other people as well.

Just sayin’.

From Buzzfeed:

Duca also spent this past summer teaching “The Feminist Journalist,” a six-week New York University journalism course for both high school and college students. After Duca agreed to our interview, she also acquiesced to letting me sit in on the final day of the class. She asked her students to come prepared with questions for her for what would be an AMA-style session in Washington Square Park. Her students sat in a circle around her in the wet grass. It was, I imagine, exactly what Tucker Carlson would envision a liberal journalism class might be: a bunch of kids from varied backgrounds, ethnicities, orientations, and gender identities, who could each afford a $6,500 class, wearing T-shirts that said “GenderQueer” or “Kill Patriarchy.”

In the park, Duca praised her students for their ideas and pitches: “You so totally learned what I was trying to teach you.” Nearly four weeks after the course ended, however, her students sent a collective formal complaint to the heads of the NYU journalism school about Duca’s conduct. “We are disappointed at the department and NYU for hiring a professor with more interest in promoting her book than teaching a group of students eager to learn,” they wrote. In the days after the course ended, several of the students also reached out to me to share more of their concerns. “Her ability to exploit the movement is really frustrating,” one former student said.

Let’s not pretend Lauren is unique when it comes to exploiting any and all progressive movements but OUCH.

She’s a real sweetie.

Ok for me but not for thee.


Right?! That’s what makes it newsworthy in this editor’s humble opinion. If we wrote an article like this people would smile, our readers would maybe even point and laugh at her, but it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for us. But that Buzzfeed is the responsible outlet?

Get the popcorn.


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