Pastor John Pavlovitz made a list of lessons that ‘MAGAs’ are teaching their children.

That this guy is a pastor says so much about 2019 and none of it’s good.

He wrote an entire article about this crap. We’d like to think he’s just pandering for clicks and taps and that he knows this list is garbage BUT … reading his timeline we’re not entirely sure. Imagine having so little respect for your fellow man that you think writing a list like this about them and their children is a good thing.

Again, this yahoo is a pastor.

But the blue-check guy said so!

He forgot:

  • Unborn babies are clumps of cells.
  • Your money is the government’s money.
  • Only the government should have guns.
  • Socialism is good, m’kay.
  • The Constitution is just a mean document.
  • Government grants us our rights.


There’s a word we don’t hear often enough.

It’s impressive in a bad way, right?

John is far more concerned with trashing strangers than he is about actually writing anything meaningful.


If at first you can’t out-dumb yourself, try and try again.


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