We read a lot of stuff on Twitter that reeks of ‘tinfoil’ because let’s face it, it’s Twitter. But every once in a while there is something newsworthy with that tinfoil, something real …

Ilhan Omar deleted a tweet wishing her dad a Happy Father’s Day back in 2013.

Why oh why would she do that?

It’s nothing more than a Father’s Day greeting … what’s the big deal?

We already know she’s a liar, this just sort of seals the deal.

Media didn’t use the screenshots because the media didn’t want to report the story.

Besides, they’re far too busy trying to find ways to prove Kavanaugh was a bad guy in college or something.

It’s a fair question.

Join the club.

Which proves it’s not just a screenshot someone created.

This sounds like a really bad soap opera at this point.

Cue the ‘racist, sexist, Islamophobic’ shrieking in 3 … 2 … 1


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