We get it.

MMFA is gonna MMFA.

But this babbling about Michelle Malkin from their ‘rapid response’ troll Bobby Lewis is out there even for them.

Bobby should really use more quote marks … they make him seem like someone you should take super seriously.

Here’s the funny part though.

White nationalist.



Umm …

Just sayin’.


This reminds us of the time Tariq Nasheed called Obianuju Ekeocha a white supremacist.

No, she really doesn’t.

The phrase ‘white nationalist’ has become the ‘racist’ of the Obama era. Basically anyone who disagrees with the far-Left is a white nationalist … whether they’re white or not.

Yeah, it’s silly but so is the far-Left.

We KNEW it.

Huh, that was our reaction as well.

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

Bobby then shared his own thread about ‘bigoted’ Michelle (which we are not including because yawn-city).

As we said above, MMFA is gonna MMFA but yikes.


But wait, it gets WORSE! Top editors on NYT ‘news side’ felt Pogrebin and Kelly’s reporting on Kavanaugh did NOT warrant a story

This freakin’ GUY –> Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse can’t WAIT to make a fool of himself in thread claiming he’s confident Kavanaugh lied

‘STUNNING correction’: Ted Cruz torches 2020 Dem candidates for using NYT Kavanaugh hit-piece to push for impeachment