Ted Cruz has been critical of the New York Times for a good long while, and with good reason. Especially when you look at their most recent train wreck in attempting to take Kavanaugh down AGAIN. It’s almost like they are on some strange quest to self destruct.

Ted called attention to their ‘stunning correction’ in the Kavanaugh piece and blasted 2020 Democratic candidates for using the story to push for impeachment:

He’d get an F.


And right? It is almost like they have a political agenda.

That narrative wasn’t going to write and support itself, Ted.


The odds are ZERO.





Don’t be surprised if they actually double down and pretend they didn’t see this ‘note.’

Something strange is afoot at the Circle K.

It was ultimately more of a ‘clarification’ but really they should’ve just retracted the whole thing considering the basis of the entire story was all but debunked.

Sad but true.


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