Never fear, folks. WaPo’s friendly neighborhood conservative saw fit to write about Brett Kavanaugh and it’s just as awful as you’d expect from Jennifer Rubin.

From WaPo:

At the time I argued a sham investigation was a mistake. “Democrats called Sunday for a new investigation of Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh in response to a New York Times piece that said Kavanaugh was seen sexually harassing a female student while at Yale.” Eventually the facts come out.

Which facts is she talking about? The fact the NYT had to clarify the student had no recollection of the event and refused to be interviewed? That the FBI investigated and found zero corroboration in Ramirez’s allegations?

She seems almost joyful that the Left is harassing this innocent man again.

This is annoying even for her.

We’re pretty sure Jenn hasn’t been in a GOP mindset for a very long time.


They certainly have fired up the GOP/Conservative base with this nonsense.

Way to go!

Yup, we see the problem.


Jennifer is nothing if not consistent.


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