Charles C.W. Cooke has Beto O’Rourke’s pattern of promising mandatory buybacks for things Democrats do not want us to have all figured out.

If they think something is too dangerous for Americans they are more than willing to use our tax dollars to buy it back from us.


Charles may be onto something here …

Wonder if he’ll print up t-shirts for it as well? Write a poem?

You know what? We wouldn’t put any of it past Beto.

Hell YES!

See, it’s even sorta catchy and could totally fit on a bumper sticker.


Hey, if it saves even just one abortion.

YES. And the conservative activists Beto spoke to were in the bathroom with him … or something.

In the office, while he was getting his teeth cleaned?

Ugh, don’t give that woman any ideas, she’s almost as bad as Beto.


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