You guys remember Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, yes? Sheldon really made an arse of himself during the original Brett Kavanaugh debacle nearly a year ago and here he is again, telling all of Twitter that he’s confident Kavanaugh lied.

Even though the NYT had to issue an ‘editor’s note’ about the entire basis of their hit-piece on Kavanaugh.

Oh, Sheldon …

We’re confident Sheldon is lying. He’s a senator. His intent is to deceive for political reasons. His tweets are material. That’s embarrassing.

Huh, this is fun.

Oh, and his using a Vox story to make his point makes his tweets/thread even more laughable.

Right-wing hysteria? Sheldon, bub, it’s not the Right that has been in a constant temper tantrum for the last three years, throwing crap at the wall and hoping something sticks that makes the mean orange man go away. And ‘right-wingers’, what is he, 12?

Of course, he agrees with the WaPo dolt … this was their goal all along. Discrediting not only Kavanaugh but the Supreme Court knowing Trump will likely appoint at least one more justice.

This is not about Kavanaugh so much as it is their agenda and activist judges doing their bidding.

Shew, right?

Everyone can go home now.

Like his Democrat brethren, Sheldon isn’t great about showing evidence.

Ugh, we’ll be here all day.

It’s like they keep missing this seriously BIG part of the story.

Join the club.


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