It’s been quite some time since Andy Richter made our radar which means he’s not been tweeting overly stupid stuff OR we just kinda sorta forgot he was on Twitter.

Probably more of the latter considering he sent this winner of a tweet out yesterday …

Andy, this tweet is so uninformed and WRONG we’re really not sure where to begin.

Holy crap.

Those daggum ‘rural’ people and their whole not wanting to be ruled by the urban elites thing … the nerve.

Note, Democrats were AOK with the EC as long as they were winning.

So ridiculously clueless.

Hrm, is Andy trying to tell us something?

It’s as if people like Andy cannot grasp how the Electoral College actually works and why the Founding Fathers put it in place. That or they simply don’t want to get it.

Ok, someone break out the puppets and crayons.


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