Candace Owens all but spit FIRE earlier today discussing real threats to the black community, especially after she was lectured by two white liberal women about what racism supposedly really looks like.

Because, you know, the nice, smart, white ladies would know best, right?

Watch this.

Admit it, you pumped your fist a little.

And if you look closely you can see Jim Jordan smiling at the end.

She just nailed this, especially the ‘inspirations’ for the gunman’s manifesto that she lists succinctly … we had no idea about the dragon thing. Wow.

Controlled anger is so boss.


And we get it, Democrats are really, really, REALLY trying to make white nationalism a ‘thing’ so they can blame Trump for it for the upcoming campaign but c’mon already with this crap.


See?! We noticed that too.

Fine, we’ll give her one.



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