If you’re like us and are somewhat clueless about what the boys who’ve been crying wolf for the past three years about Trump think they have on him THIS time, look no further than this thread from Harvard professor, Jack Goldsmith.

Goldsmith doesn’t so much defend Trump as he does anyone who has been or will be the president.

Take a look.

Don’t you love that? Their source is ‘a person familiar with the complaint.’

That’s called a leaker.

Interesting, yes?

Not just a Trump thing.

Huh, who knew?

That stinkin’ Constitution being a barrier and stuff.

Ding ding ding.

For a long time.

And it’s the law.


Democrats just want an excuse to impeach him because they’ve been promising their vapid base they will do it for years now.

In other words, this is likely another embarrassing miss by the Left and the media.

We know, you’re SHOCKED.


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