Watching blue-checks fall all over themselves because they think they’ve got Trump THIS TIME with the WaPo whistleblower story is pathetically hilarious.

They think it’s going to be huge, like Russian collusion huge.


Like Stormy Daniels huge.


But … it’ll be huge.

There have been more boys crying wolf over Trump than any other boys crying wolf EVER.

From WaPo:

Legal experts said there are scenarios in which a president’s communications with a foreign leader could rise to the level of an “urgent concern” for the intelligence community, but they also noted that the president has broad authority to decide unilaterally when to classify or declassify information.

Revealing how the United States obtained sensitive information could “compromise intelligence means and methods and potentially the lives of sources,” said Joel Brenner, former inspector general for the National Security Agency.

It was unclear whether the whistleblower witnessed Trump’s communication with the foreign leader or learned of it through other means. Summaries of such conversations are often distributed among White House staff, although the administration imposed new limits on this practice after Trump’s disclosures to Russian officials were revealed.


They’d be better off just admitting they hate that he won in 2016.

And here’s the thing, even if there IS something here, nobody believes them because they’ve done nothing but screech about ORANGE MAN BAD AND RUSSIA for years.


Obama was only smooching up to Putin because it was for our own good or something.


Ya’ think?


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