We get the feeling Ryan Maue was less than impressed with the Democrats during last night’s debate, particularly when it came to their talking points on climate change which of course makes sense since he’s a meteorologist and actually understands how this stuff works.

World salad … yummy yummy.

Wait, The Wiggles sang ‘Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy.’

Our bad.

And WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIIIIIIIIIIE. Yup, that sums up the Left’s narrative.

Imagine the ego someone has to have to think we can ‘save’ the planet.

Paging AOC.

Oh, and as for Kamala talking about suing fossil fuel companies, she lied. She did not sue Exxon.

When is Yang not incomprehensible?

Booker and his veganism will save us all. No?

Yes, the CNN Climate Town Hall covered all of this and it was just as stupid the second time around.


Or something.


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