Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is handling the New Faces GOP ad calling out the evils of socialism super well. Gosh, we’re surprised how rational and totally not unhinged AOC has been since the group’s ad was aired on ABC.

OMG we are so kidding.

From claiming the ad was racist and a love letter to white supremacists to accusing the GOP of getting worse in their hysteria (seriously?), she’s not had the best 24 hours.

Yes, it’s the GOP who’s hysterical.

Has she seen the Democratic Party lately? Beto is going to take ALL the guns, Kamala has a bazillion executive orders she wants to pass, and don’t even get us started on Bernie.

Socialists. *shrug*


For real?

This chick has lost it.

Lost it more?

The government makes HER happy though.

Annnd there it is.


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