Elizabeth Heng isn’t holding back when it comes to AOC.

Not one bit.

Earlier today, Twitchy reported on a meltdown Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had after seeing her own face in an ad from New Faces GOP. She claimed the ad was racist (we know, you’re SHOCKED), and a love letter to white supremacists which means she didn’t actually watch the ad OR she deliberately misconstrued it to play the victim. Elizabeth Heng was unmoved and undeterred by the Socialist Democrat’s tantrum and came out swinging:

She’s right.

AOC’s go-to in blaming the ad not only on the Republican Party (who had nothing to do with it) but calling it racist and babbling about white supremacy is what and who the Democrats have become.

She has become the face of their party.

And it’s not a great thing.

It’s true.

Anytime someone challenges AOC or her ideas she immediately plays the victim card.

Or the race card.

Or the misogyny card.

Like clockwork.

Heng threw down the gauntlet and started a ‘street fight’ of sorts, and all it took was one ad.

Stay tuned.


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