Admit it. When you read Kat Timpf’s tweet about Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand you can actually see this happening.

And then she’ll take her jacket off to show her gay pride t-shirt before yelling ‘GAY RIGHTS’ and spinning in circles.


Guess she only does that in a bar, our bad.

Seems Meredith Kelly, Gillibrand’s Communications Director, didn’t find Kat’s tweet quite as amusing as the rest of us.

Well, there really wasn’t a point … pretty sure she doesn’t really think Gillibrand was going to drop down from the ceiling.

Kat herself responded.

A joke.

And the point of a joke is to laugh which is probably why Meredith missed it.


Oh, wait.

She certainly doesn’t seem amused.

In other words, lighten up Francis.


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