As with the last Democratic Debate, Kimberley Strassel was front and center to live-tweet the train wreck so the rest of us could ignore it and watch reruns of Ghost Adventures on our DVR. Ok, so this editor could do that … but still.

Kimberley does such a fantastic job of calling out what is important (and most easily mocked) that her timeline is far better than watching the actual debate anyway.

See for yourself.

Hard to believe this is real life.

Then again, maybe it’s not.


We wonder where he found 83% of people to agree with his doofy idea.

DNC meeting?

Doncha love it when Democrats claim they know gun owners? It’s adorable.

Reminds us of when Obama complained about the Constitution being a barrier.

She knows she will have to raise taxes to keep her promises, she just doesn’t want to admit it.

*cough cough Obama cough cough*


They never want to talk about actual socialism.

If Obama is moderate? Yikes.

Told ya’.

Far better than sitting through that disaster, right?


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