Would appear Democratic presidential campaigns don’t think they should be fact-checked as much as Trump.

Because … wait for it … wait some more … ORANGE MAN BAD.

These people.


The issue is of no small concern, Democratic strategists say.

Trump’s bold lies and spreading of disinformation – which has been regularly cited by almost every mainstream news organization – are a core part of their case against him. But when those same outlets begin parsing Democrats for using questionable data and making exaggerations, they create the impression that everyone’s a fibber. When it comes to lying, Democrats say, Donald Trump has once again broken the bounds of politics as usual, and the media is only helping him by enforcing the old rules.

Imagine admitting this out loud.


When Democrats lie to us they do it for our own good or something.

It really, really is.

Don’t those evil fact-checkers know Democrats don’t have to tell the truth and be factual? Sheesh.


You’d think but NOPE.

And as long as they’re morally true that’s all that matters.



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