Rachel Maddow is working overtime to keep conspiracy theories alive, not only about the 2016 election but now the 2020 election as well. We suppose since a good portion of her bread and butter depends on keeping people on the Left paranoid and outraged this makes sense but still.

She did an entire ‘what if’ segment based on a ‘what if’ op-ed from the Washington Post.


This reeks of desperation, Rachel.

Could it be that she’s already seeing the writing on the wall and knows none of the Democrats who are running can beat Trump so she’s getting ahead of the ‘he cheated again’ game? Because you know, if and when Trump wins re-election that’s going to be their claim.

That’s worked out so well for them up to this point, right?

It really is a disaster.

Nothing but paranoid people demanding Nancy Pelosi impeach Trump for something he hasn’t done.

At least she’s not CNN, right?

Lawrence would be so proud.

Well, of course, she did. A paranoid op-ed was far more important for her narrative.

And she’s getting exactly the reaction she was looking for:

Sweet baby corn.

Considering nothing has happened why would Republicans do anything?

Hoo boy.

Gotta give it to Rachel, she certainly knows how to manipulate her audience.


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