We were so surprised to see this string of tweets from Kirstie Alley that we not only double-checked but triple-checked to make sure it was really her.

And it WAS.

Check it out …

‘Stop acting above the fray ya’ damn hypocrites.’

Paging Debra Messing …

It truly is a word we don’t hear enough these days.

She also wrote about Dave Chapelle who, as you likely know, enraged many people on both the Left and the Right (but more on the Left) with his latest special. Notice she tells people if they are PC to skip it.


We just quadruple-checked to make sure these were really coming from Kirstie’s verified account … and yup.

This was so great!

And to be honest, it’s so rare that we get to write a positive piece about a Hollywood type it was a breath of fresh air for this editor.

Huzzah, Kirstie.


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