It’s not that people expect every journalist out there to know every little city, town, and village that exists in this country … but to be this ‘shocked’ over ‘The Little Apple’ aka Manhattan, KS is really and truly just embarrassing.

Especially for a member of the media.

Not to mention he tweeted it like, ‘Look at how charming and silly the little people in Kansas are!’

It’s worth a Google, dude.

We kinda sorta love how Sean Davis responded:

John didn’t seem to care for Sean’s tweet though:

Someone is a tad bit testy. Sheesh.

What, does he want a gold star for being from Michigan?

Shhhh … it will be our little secret.


There is almost a sense of disdain in his tweet.

And they wonder why we make fun of them.

But do they have indoor plumbing?


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