Earlier this week, Ilhan Omar got her britches all sorts of bunched up when Alabama Republicans approved a resolution for her to be expelled from Congress. We won’t go into how bad her tweet really was (like how Republicans came out against Moore in a big way, that being expelled has nothing to do with who elected her PLUS we’re not a Democracy), you can see for yourselves.

Yeah, super professional.

Considering the news around Ilhan possibly being a homewrecker she might want to sit this one out, just sayin’.

And don’t worry folks, her girl AOC has her back …

She’s an elected official.


And they complain about Trump?

What is this, middle school?


It’s all she knows.

We’re sure she did, she just doesn’t care.

This is an insult to four-year-olds!

It’s almost like she doesn’t care if she’s not re-elected. Probably has her eye on a sweet MSNBC gig.

If only they’d have included an emoji, she might understand what they mean here.


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