Remember all those times Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo had Josh Earnest on his show so he could ask him if Obama was a liar while doing everything he could to pick a fight with and embarrass him? Yeah, so many times …

Oh, wait.

So what was the point of this interview? To prove to his 12 viewers that he’s an unprofessional hack who hates Trump? Even Soledad O’Brien, who we know is definitely not a fan of Trump’s, called this ‘mess’ out.

She said mess TWICE.

And yes, it was a mess.

To Soledad’s point, nothing was really accomplished here, other than providing a bunch of Leftist rags with their ‘WATCH CUOMO SCHOOL TRUMPETTE’ material. Maybe Fredo was feeling a little emasculated after the altercation bit a few weeks back and thought asking McEanany a bunch of silly questions would make him feel better about himself.

Brian Stelter was super stoked about the interview …


Soledad called tater out too:

We agree with Soledad. Whoa.

‘The fact that you, the media reporter, think this is ‘extraordinary’ is particularly sad.

Damn, son.

It’s CNN. *shrug*


Truth to power.

‘Nuff said.


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