In case you wanted the details of the IG report spelled out so you can see just how unethical and vile James Comey’s behavior was, Matt Wolking was good enough to put together a thread with highlights taken directly from said report and HOO-boy, Comey has a whole lot of ‘splainin’ to do.

Granted, Comey thinks this report cleared him and demanded an apology (yeah, we know, he sucks) but maybe if he reads Wolking’s thread he’ll figure out this report hardly exonerated him.

These are not the actions of an honest man.

And then had his friend leak them.

Improperly. Guess they could say that.

And from his response, he still doesn’t think the rules apply to him.


This is insane.

In other words, it was personal for Comey.

Crazy stuff.

And to think, this is real life.


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