And CNN wonders why their ratings are tanking.

Really tater?

From CNN:

Are members of the news media tiptoeing around obvious questions about Trump’s instability? What do the daily lies, distortions and contradictions add up to?

This is a story that’s playing out every day on our TV screens and Twitter feeds. We can all see it happening, but it’s a very hard and very sensitive story to cover.

Some prominent figures, including the husband of counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, are pleading with the press to take this story more seriously. On Friday, George Conway said Trump is “decomposing” before our very eyes.

“Republicans need to face the fact that the president is mentally unstable and psychologically unfit,” he wrote.

It’s like Brian wants us to make fun of him.

Let us say for the billionth time, this is BS.

But orange man REALLY bad or something.

Right? Tater can take SOOOO many seats.


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