Awww, isn’t this sweet. Jo sharing an article that talks about how the joy of sport can transcend fear and hate.

Fear and hate.


Of course, Kelly is smiling. ‘She’ is built like a man playing a physical sport against a bunch of actual women who regardless of training are going to be smaller than ‘her’ for the most part and therefore easier to beat.

Silly women, how dare they have an issue with men claiming they’re women so they can take advantage of their sports.

Women’s equality may indeed be at risk, but not because ‘orange man bad’. Now women are being told to accept men playing in their sports/ leagues because they ‘identify’ as a woman … but are clearly not. This is not binary thinking, it is a reality.

Such joy.

Ha, true.

We’re going to bet the woman ‘she’ folded like a deckchair isn’t happy with ‘her’.

Excellent point.

No one whose job depends on this being ok had anything negative to say about it.

Gotta love that .


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